Point B

Putting People at the Centre of Change

Case Study

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  • Professional Services


  • Brand positioning and purpose
  • Organisational design principles and structure
  • Strategic process development


Point B is an outstanding US-based consulting business with a unique employee-owned structure and a 20+ year history of outstanding client satisfaction.

The business wanted to future itself by creating a fully integrated brand proposition, and set of strategic solutions that enable the business to deliver enhanced client value, and new forms of growth.


Working closely with the Point B management team we created a new brand proposition: ‘Consulting that puts people at the center of change’.

Using this as our springboard, we created a new framework for Point B’s strategic solutions, and from that a new set of products to change their go-to market strategy and shape how they collaborate internally.


We ran three collaborative sprints that fully engaged with the Point B Team and their current and potential clients, to ensure the work was externally focused and internally aligned.

At each stage we defined and delivered clear outputs, and landed them in the business sensitively to maximise impact.


This work drove a systematic change in marketing execution, product definition and sales strategy.

Point B has been able to shift its revenue profile and deliver outstanding performance, without losing its unique DNA.

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