Practice Areas

Hook Strategy’s practice focuses on ensuring organisations have the direction, narrative and capabilities to progress.

Our processes combine insight gathering, collaborative workshops and co-creation to get you to the clarity you need.

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Direction Setting

Define your ideal future state and the choices that will get you there.

Outputs include:

  • Prioritised sources of growth
  • Audience influence maps
  • Product and innovation strategy
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Story Building

Refine your narrative and the assets and ecosystem you use to tell it.

Outputs include:

  • Brand positioning and purpose
  • Product and message architecture
  • New business and marketing
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Identify the capabilities and ways of working you need to progress.

Outputs include:

  • Organisational design principles
  • Strategic process development
  • L&D programmes

Engagement Types


Most relationships start this way: with an accelerated look into the why, what and how of a key strategic issue.


Standalone workshop or training sessions which focus on building strategic capability in a key area.


Structured, ongoing retained relationships which support a management team with setting and embedding strategy.

Client Work

Snowplow Analytics

Accelerating the Data Journey

Case Study

Full project Accelerating the Data Journey

M&C Saatchi Performance

Action Planning

Case Study

Full project Action Planning

I consider Matthew one of the best strategists in our industry. He has an astounding ability to turn complex business problems into simple solutions.”

Tracy de Groose

Executive Chair


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