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  • Brand positioning and purpose
  • Prioritised sources of growth
  • Product and message architecture


Social Chain has been one of the iconic brands in social marketing from its inception to the present day. But there is an opportunity to do more.

Evolving leadership, changing ownership and enhanced capabilities have created a chance to accelerate. Social Chain needed a proposition to propel that.


After in-depth consultation with the team, and interrogation of external context, we were able to align on a more precise strategy for growth.

This informed a new story, a new value proposition, and an entirely different set of language and processes to embed it.


The process included a really deep and democratic consultation, followed by an in-depth leadership workshop and a series of subsequent cycles of creation and iteration.

The result is not only an inspiring output – but a team mobilised to get out and create a bright future for the agency.

Matthew is a master strategist, one of the best I have had the privilege of working with. His knowledge goes deep and his subject specialisms run wide. He has the rare gift of actively listening to a group talking about a challenge whilst forming multiple routes to the solution in his head. Thanks for all your support, it’s a wholehearted recommendation from me!”

Pete Metcalfe


Social Chain

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